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The Christadelphian Waymark

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The Christadelphian Waymark is a monthly (approx.) magazine which is devoted to the defence and proclamation of the Gospel that saves.  As well as seeking to sound the alarm against the inroads of apostasy, we also recognise the need to "strengthen the things which remain".  Accordingly, we also produce weekly (approx.) Sunday Exhortations for the benefit of those in spiritual isolation, and those who cannot otherwise get to an ecclesia.  We are devoted to presenting expositions and exhortations based on the Bible for mutual comfort and encouragment.

Studying the Bible

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First Principle Bible subjects:

Here, you can find a range of booklets on important basic Bible doctrines.  According to the Apostle, the Gospel message is summarised in the expression: "The things concerning the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ" (Acts 8:12).  The following items examine these two aspects in more detail.

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The Coming Kingdom of God

The Bible teaches that Messiah is soon to return in order to establish the Kingdom of God upon the Earth.  These booklets demonstrate that life in the Kingdom is the true Bible Hope

Bible in Hand

The Name of Jesus Christ

The Lord himself prayed to his Father saying, "this is life eternal, that they may know thee the only True God and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent" (John 17:3).  An understanding of the Name of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice is therefore an important aspect of the Gospel.  The above items seek to help in this regard.

Booklets Available for Free Download

Produced by the Former Bexleyheath Ecclesia

The above free downloads were formerly produced by the Bexleyheath Christadelphian Ecclesia.  They consider a selection of important Bible topics in more detail..

Produced by The Christadelphian Waymark

These study booklets aim to assist the Bible Student with sudies on particular aspects of Bibe Teaching.

Bible based Books for Purchase

A selection of helpful books expounding various Bible topics.

Contending for the Faith

The Spirit of Antipas

Just as there were false prophets in Bible times, there are false teachers of a distorted Gospel in our day.  The purpose of this section is to follow the Bible's instruction to "earnestly contend for the faith" (Jude 3).  We seek to expose wolves in sheep's clothing and the error that they teach, demonstrating the folly of man as compared with the Holy Word of God.

Basic Information

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Latest Issue

Click here for the latest issue of The Christadelphian Waymark magazine.  This current issue considers a range of Bible subjects, including The Ministry of Messiah, Substitution Exposed and Refuted, Light and Dark, and "Being Doers of the Word

Sunday Exhortations 

This section contains a selection of Sunday Exhortations, which many in spiritual isolation, and small ecclesias unable to have a "live" speaker benefit from.  To receive the Exhortations weekly (approx), just sign up to our e-mail list here.


A library of articles published in previous issues of The Christadelphian Waymark magazine.

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This page provides links to other Christadelphian websites which are devoted to the proclamation of the Word of Life, and practical issues that face the Bible believer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that folk ask from time to time regarding our work and purpose.