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To recieve these exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here:



The following links are to a selection of Sunday Exhortations, which many in isolation, and small ecclesias unable to have a "live" speaker benefit from. To recieve the Exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here

To download the exhortations in MP3 format, just right click on the link, and select "save link as".

Previous Exhortations

19.12.2010 "Walking in Truth" (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

05.12.2010 "Looking unto Jesus" (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

28.11.2010 Philemon (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

19.09.2010 The Disciple's Prayer (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

15.08.2010 Receiving the Kingdom (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

08.08.2010 Jeremiah's Letter to the Exiles (MS Word) (PDF) (MP3)

01.08.2010 The Purpose of God according to Election:

(MS Word) (PDF) (MP3)

04.07.2010 Salt (MS Word) (PDF)

27.06.2010 "O Send Thy Light Forth and Thy Truth" (MS Word) (PDF)

13.06.2010 Enduring a Fiery Trial (MS Word) (PDF)

06.06.2010 The Great Shepherd (MS Word) (PDF)

16.05.2010 Colossians - An Exhortation for Unity in Love (MS Word) (PDF)

02.05.2010 The Completeness of The Truth (MS Word) (PDF)

11.04.2010 The Sound of The Word (MS Word) (PDF)

04.04.2010 Do We Love Much? (MS Word) (PDF)

14.03.2010 The Sacrifice of Praise (MS Word) (PDF)

28.02.2010 The Gifts of The Spirit (MS Word) (PDF)

21.02.2010 - To Be Added

07.02.2010 The Comforter (MS Word) (PDF)

31.01.2010 Pauls Sorrow About Israel (MS Word) (PDF)

24.01.2010 Judas the Betrayer (MS Word) (PDF)

17.01.2010 "Make the Tree Good and his Fruit Good" (MS Word) (PDF)

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