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To recieve these exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here:



The following links are to a selection of Sunday Exhortations, which many in isolation, and small ecclesias unable to have a "live" speaker benefit from. To recieve the Exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here

To download the exhortations in MP3 format, just right click on the link, and select "save link as".

Previous Exhortations

30.12.2007 "Blessed" - After Jesus Returns (MS Word) (PDF)

23.12.2007 "Worthy is the Lamb" (MS Word) (PDF)

16.12.2007 "Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God" (MS Word) (PDF)

25.11.2007 Seek Ye Yahweh (MS Word) (PDF)

28.10.2007 Christ Past and Future (MS Word) (PDF)

21.10.2007 "They Hated Me Without a Cause" (MS Word) (PDF)

14.10.2007 Ultimate Unity with God (MS Word) (PDF)

07.10.2007 The Duties of a Watchman (MS Word) (PDF)

30.09.2007 Sunday Morning 1901 (MS Word) (PDF)

23.09.2007 Two Masters (MS Word) (PDF)

16.09.2007 - Hidden within the House (MS Word) (PDF)

26.08.2007 - How to Please our Lord (MS Word) (PDF)

19.08.2007 - Betrayal and Denial (MS Word) (PDF)

2.08.2007 "Nearing the Dawn" (MS Word) (PDF)

29.07.2007 "The Righteousness of God Outside the Law" (MS Word) (PDF)

22.07.2007 "Every Man Walketh in a Vain Shew" (MS Word) (PDF)

01.07.2007 Saul - The Failed King (MSWord) (PDF)

17.06.2007 Learning to Love in Deed and Truth (MSWord) (PDF)

03.06.2007 The Cities of Refuge (MS Word) (PDF)

26.05.2007 Christ is Coming, But Will You Be Ready? (MS Word) (PDF)

25.03.2007 "But Where Shall Wisdom be Found?" (MS Word) (PDF)

18.02.2007 Peter - A Hearing Stone (MS Word) (PDF)

11.02.2007 Draw Near to God (MS Word) (PDF)

04.02.2007 "Blessed is the Man Whom Thou Choosest" (MS Word) (PDF)

28.01.2007 The Old and New Covenants (MS Word) (PDF)

21.01.2007 The Weightier Matters of the Law (MS Word) (PDF)

14.01.2007 Driven by Compassion (MS Word) (PDF)

07.01.2007 "I will have Mercy and Not Sacrifice" (MS Word) (PDF)

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