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To recieve these exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here:



The following links are to a selection of Sunday Exhortations, which many in isolation, and small ecclesias unable to have a "live" speaker benefit from. To recieve the Exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here

To download the exhortations in MP3 format, just right click on the link, and select "save link as".

Previous Exhortations

31.12.2006 "The Rising of the Sun of Righteousness" (MS Word) (PDF)

24.12.2006 "Behold, Thy King Cometh" (MS Word) (PDF)

17.12.2006 "We Shall Be Like Him" (MS Word) (PDF)

03.12.2006 "The Just Shall Live By Faith" (MS Word) (PDF)

26.11.2006 The Power of The Word (MS Word) (PDF)

19.11.2006 "When the Lord Shall be Revealed from Heaven" (MS Word) (PDF)

21.05.2006 "The Rod out of the Stem of Jesse" (MS Word) (PDF)

07.05.2006 "Blessed is He that Considereth the Poor" (MS Word) (PDF)

30.04.2006 Being in the Hand of God (PDF)

23.04.2006 A Commandment to Love (PDF)

16.04.2006 The Peace of God (PDF)

09.04.2006 Running the Race (PDF)

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