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In this week's exhortation, we examine the prophcy of Malachi. To recieve these exhortations weekly (approx), just go to here:



12.07.2009 The Parable of The Sower (MS Word) (PDF)

22.03.3009 The Parable of the Great Supper (MS Word) (PDF)

28 07.2013 The Parable of the Potter (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

24.07.2016 Parables of Mat. 25 (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

24.07.2011 The Parable of Ten Virgins (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

06.05.2012 Paul on Mars Hill (MS Word) (PDF)

31.01.2010 Pauls Sorrow About Israel (MS Word) (PDF)

22.12.2013 The Epistle to the Philadelphians (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

06.05.2018 Paul at Philippi (Audio MP3)

04.05.2014 Paul in Cyprus and Antioch (Audio MP3)

16.04.2006 The Peace of God (PDF)

26.04.3015 Lessons from Pentecost MS Word, PDF, Audio MP3

18.02.2007 Peter - A Hearing Stone (MS Word) (PDF)

11.06.2017 Themes from 1 Peter 1 (Audio MP3)

26.03.2017 The Pharisee and the Publican (Audio MP3)

28.11.2010 Philemon (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

09.04.2017 Philippians - Reasons to Rejoice (Audio MP3)

26.08.2007 - How to Please our Lord (MS Word) (PDF)

26.11.2006 The Power of The Word (MS Word) (PDF)

22.10.2017 The Master's Prayer (Audio MP3)

19.09.2010 The Disciple's Prayer (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

29.11.2009 "Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints" (MS Word) (PDF)

23.03.2014 Proverbs - the Two Women (Audio MP3)

01.01.2017 Psalm 1 (Audio MP3)

23.03.2008 Proverbs Chapter One (MS Word) (PDF)

06.01.2013 Psalm 15 - Characteristics of the Faithful (MS Word) (PDF)

07.01.2018 Psalm 17 (Audio MP3) (PDF) (MSWord)

08.01.2017 Psalm 18 (Audio MP3)

15.01.2017 Psalm 32 (Audio MP3)

22.01.2017 Psalm 40 (Audio MP3)

24.01.2016 Lessons from Psalm 44 (Audio MP3)

29.01.2012 Psalm 51 (MS Word) (PDF) (Audio MP3)

10.02.2013 Psalm 73 (MP3)

15.02.2009 Psalm 78 (MSWord) (PDF)

23.02.2014 Psalm 94 (Audio MP3)

26.02.2017 Psalm 102 and Hezekiah (Audio MP3)

06.03.2016 Psalm 113 - A Psalm of Praise (Audio MP3)

11.03.2018 Psalm 119:97-104 (Audio MP3)

12.03.2017 Psalm 119:129-176 (Audio MP3)

13.03.2016 Psalm 122 (Audio MP3)

16.03.2014 Psalm 132 (Audio MP3)

18.03.2018 Psalm 138 (Audio MP3) (PDF) (MS Word)

19.03.2017 Psalms 140-142 (Audio MP3)

01.08.2010 The Purpose of God according to Election:  (MS Word) (PDF) (MP3)