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When Bible teaching is compared with Church teaching, it can be seen that Christendom at large is astray from the Bible. For further information regarding the saving truths of Scripture, read the articles opposite.



It will come as a surprise to many professed Christians that nowhere in the Bible is heavengoing taught. The notion that an immortal soul exists beyond the grave is not one found in God's Revelation to man. Like most false doctrine, the idea owes its origin to pagan, and not Bible sources. The church itself admits this, saying:

"The idea of the inherent indestructibility of the human soul (or consciousness) owes its origin to Greek, not to Bible sources" (Towards the Conversion of England (1945)).

The following items demonstrate the folly of human superstition, and the true Bible hope of a resurrection from the dead when Messiah returns:

Eternal Life - On Earth, Not in Heaven

Bible Teaching Regarding Resurrection and Judgment

World Destiny

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