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When Bible teaching is compared with Church teaching, it can be seen that Christendom at large is astray from the Bible. For further information regarding the saving truths of Scripture, read the articles opposite.



The following free downloads were formerly produced by the Bexleyheath Christadelphian Ecclesia, and consider a selection of important Bible topics in more detail. If you do not find a subject that you are interested in, please contact Christopher Maddocks

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The Apocalypse - A New Translation (By Bro John Thomas)

The Atonement - Salvation by the Blood of Christ

The Blood of Christ


The Prophecy of Daniel

How are we drawn by the Father?

Should Christ's brethren participate in Political Elections?

Who is The False Prophet?

The Bible Doctrine of Fellowship

Why is One Generation more Favoured Than Another

Judging and Not Judging

What is Marriage?

Our Motto

New Testament Evidence for the Return of the Jews to their Land

How to Search the Scriptures - and the Result

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